Art Idea: Kitchen Utensil Drawing and Discussion

July 10, 2022

ScrippsAVID is a video chat app based on OMA (AVID stands for Arts-based, Virtual, Intergenerational, and Dementia-friendly). ScrippsAVID will connect older and younger adults to share visual art, music, poetry, and stories via a dementia-friendly video chat. It’s aim is to reduce loneliness among generations and bridge the age divide. The program is based on OMA’s successful transition to virtual programming in the last 5 semesters. Below is an example activity. 

All drawings and photos by E. Lokon


Gather these supplies before you begin: 

  • Paper
  • Black fine-tip pen 
  • Black marker
  • 3 kitchen/office utensils (e.g., spoons, spatula, scissors, phones, mugs)

Start Creating

  1. Find 3 kitchen/office utensils with interesting shapes but not too complex.
  2. Use the fine-tipped black pen, trace one utensil at a time, overlapping shapes.
  3. Repeat step 2 until paper is full with shapes.
  4. Use the thicker marker to select certain shapes to fill in.
  5. Darken some, not all, lines with the thicker marker.
  6. Add embellishments

Start Connecting

Use the questions below to connect your drawing to real-life stories: 

  1. What is your favorite dish to cook or bake? What about your favorite meal to eat?
  2. Who do you normally cook with or for? 
  3. How did you learn to cook?
  4. What family traditions or customs involve food in your family? 
  5. Tell me a story related to cooking or baking.
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