How to use the Creative Caregiving Guide

Selecting an activity

Hover over an activity image on the Activities page and click. You can start with any activity that is of interest. The activities are not graded from easy to difficult. View the entire learning video at once or step-by-step, and you can always return for review.

Doing the activity

Watch the activity in its entirety. When you are comfortable with the activity, then try it out with your care partner, with or without the video clips. The activities take between 10-40 minutes to complete.

Adapting the activity

Every activity is designed as a starting place for exploration. Add favorite and familiar music, images, movements, dance, poetry, and stories. Familiarity promotes comfort and engagement.


Each Creative Caregiving activity has five components:

  1. Consciously Breathe
  2. Sing and Move
  3. Call and Response
  4. Create Together
  5. Savor the Moment

We encourage you to experience all five components of each session, even if it might feel a little awkward at first. Over time you will become very comfortable with the process!

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