The videos on this page share our stories and introduce people to the OMA program. They communicate the power of the first-hand experiences that make a difference in the lives of older adults living with dementia and their younger counterparts.

You’ll hear directly from students and older adult participants, as well as the founder of OMA and how this program benefits everyone involved.

The main overview of the OMA program (4:21 min)
Interviews with OMA Students and Older Participants (1 min)
Daiene Vernile speaks about OMA’s benefits at a Canadian Provincial Parliament (1:38 min)
OMA’s origin story from CoGenerate Innovation Fellowship (3:08 min)
What happens in an OMA session? (2:56 min)
Brief Overview of OMA (2 min)
OMA Students’ Reflections at Forum on Aging Conference (5:55 min)
OMA’s origin story, short version (1:35 min)
An OMA Session from beginning to end (10:28 min)

ScrippsOMA In The News

These videos are examples of OMA news coverage, reporting OMA’s impact as expressed by students and people living with dementia, in their own voices.

Columbus Dispatch Interviews Medical Students and Older Adults on the Benefits of Doing OMA (1:49 min)
WLWT Covers OMA’s collaboration with Rookwood Pottery and Features Intergenerational Friendships Grown through OMA (2:35 min)
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