Art Idea: Repurpose Picture Frame Mats

March 30, 2020

Do you have picture frame mats stained with paint from OMA sessions? Bring new life to used mats by applying OMA project techniques.

All you need:

  • Picture frame mat(s)
  • Paint brushes
  • Sea sponge
  • Acrylic paints
  • Stamping tools
  • Glitter 

First, use a sea sponge or a sponge brush and acrylic paint to cover the entire mat with paint.

Once the background if finished, use a variety of stamping tools to add different shapes and textures to the mat. Some examples of stamping tools include sponge daubers, plastic pill bottles, old credit cards, and cotton swabs. Use about 2-3 additional acrylic paint colors with the stamping tools.

Final step: add glitter!

Once the mat is dry, use it to frame pictures of OMA participants.

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Meghan Young

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