Mirror Dance

Welcome to “Mirror Dance.” This lesson shows how to use movement, dance and music with your care partner to experience vitality.


In this session you will learn to:

  • Experience movement, dance and music together
  • Create new memories together
  • Stimulate body-brain connections for vitality and enjoyment


Please gather these materials before you start:

  • Two chairs facing each other, with room to move
  • Sound system
  • Lyrics or sheet music of songs that are meaningful to your care partner

Set aside 15-20 minutes with your care partner for this session.


Please take a moment to review Care for the Caregiver before beginning this lesson.

Individual Steps

You may also watch the individual steps for this lesson. Each of the five steps below will guide you and your partner through the special techniques for this lesson. To make sure you get the most out of this lesson make sure to move through each step in the order they are presented. And remember – have fun!

  1. Consciously Breathe

2. Sing & Move

3. Call & Response

4. Create Together

5. Savor the Moment

Written Instructions

Print the entire lesson plan for “Mirror Dance” here.

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