July 7, 2023

This Lesson is Optional

You may end your training after Lesson 3 and complete the training evaluation at the end of Lesson 3. Or, you may continue to Lesson 4, which is optional. If you would like to gain organizational-wide support for the OMA program and you have an interest in research, we strongly recommend that you go through Lesson 4.

Lesson 4 Overview

In Lesson 4, we will show you example materials used to recruit volunteers and materials used to get management’s and funder’s support, including sample text used in grant writing. Lesson 4 also includes an overview of OMA’s research on the program’s impact on older adults living with dementia and on students’ learning.

At the end of Lesson 4, you will also see a two-part panel discussion with OMA practitioners from various retirement communities. The panelists include a CEO, a Director of Nursing, a nurse, activity directors, and a social worker. They will discuss the challenges and rewards of implementing OMA and give you their wisdom from the field.

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