Journal Article

Using Art and Technology to Reduce Loneliness and Bridge the Age Divide: A Qualitative Study

Lokon, E., Mehrotra, V., Murali, S., & Oakman, R. (2024). Using Art and Technology to Address Loneliness and Bridge the Age Divide. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships.


Virtual OMA is a synchronous virtual course that connected older adults with college students to share the arts over Zoom on a weekly basis. Interviews with 14 older adults and essays written by 16 students were analyzed to compare the impact of the course on their social relationships and their perceptions of each other. Results show that although there were some differences, both groups mentioned opportunities and challenges imposed by the use of technology; felt they were able to break negative stereotypes of the other age group and build genuine relationships; and reported self-growth from the experience. 

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