2.1 Introduction to OMA Methodology

October 17, 2023

You will learn the 9 key principles for designing failure-free OMA art projects. After reviewing these 9 principles, you will have an opportunity to design a new art project and apply the 9 OMA principles you just learned.

The 9 OMA principles are listed below and you will see 3 video clips explaining each principle.

  1. Keep things complex but easy to do.
  2. Layer processes within the same activity.
  3. Give choices to promote individual expression.
  4. Draw on strengths; do not privilege intact cognition and fine motor skills
  5. Create structures to create freedom
  6. Support their independence
  7. Be creative yourself and use artist-grade materials.
  8. Celebrate their creativity, on the spot (be authentic) and at a larger, public event. Use art talk.
  9. Maximize possibility for “flow” experiences.
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