3.13 Next Steps

August 21, 2023

Next Steps

1. In-person or Online Practicum

Congratulations! You have completed Part 1, the online portion of OMA Facilitator Training Course. Although the above video only mentioned the in-person practicum, we now also have an online practicum. The next step is to attend the in-person or online practicum of your training (Parts 2 and 3). Your OMA Trainer should have passed along these next steps and dates already. You need to complete this practicum to be certified as an OMA Facilitator. Your initial registration covers the practicum. There will be no additional fees.

To access the future dates and locations of the in-person and online practicums you can reach out to your trainer or go back to OMA’s website (www.ScrippsOMA.org) and go to “Training” and then select the “Hybrid Training” tab for the in-person practicum dates and locations or select the “Fully Online Training” tab for the online practicum.

2. Receive Certificate of Completion and CEUs

After completing the in-person or online practicum, we will provide you with a certificate of completion that you can submit to receive CEUs.

3. Access to Resources for OMA Trained Facilitators

As an OMA Facilitator you will be able to access the Trained Facilitators page on OMA’s website and have access to additional resources such as: video clips to train your own volunteers, templates for creating OMA art show invitations and greeting cards, OMA logo, and new art project video huddles.

4. Stay Connected via Social Media

You can find us on various social media platforms. Follow us to stay connected! You can connect with other OMA facilitators through our OMA Facilitators Facebook Group.

Closing Video

To close this portion of the training, we would like to share with you the inspiring video below.

“The Wall” video from Aroha Philanthropy
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