3.3 How to Set the Table for an OMA Session

October 17, 2023

To minimize clutter, we only include the items needed at the beginning of the session. Here are the items that you will need to set up before the artists and volunteers arrive:

  • Dark and plain (no designs) table covering to ensure contrast; don’t use old newspaper (visually too distracting)!
  • Scrap paper (newsprint) to test tools, colors, and for volunteers to show/communicate examples
  • Song sheet
  • Artist Feedback sheet
  • Two aprons per setting, folded nicely, one for the artist and one for the volunteer
  • Name tag covers and paper
  • Markers (dry erase markers if using laminated Artist Feedback form) and also for writing names on name tags
  • Pencil to write name on the back of the paper/canvas
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