Meet the instructors

October 17, 2023

Elizabeth “Like” Lokon, MGS, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Opening Minds through Art (OMA). She combined her undergraduate education in fine arts with her graduate studies in education and gerontology to design the OMA program. OMA has been replicated in multiple locations throughout North America. As an artist, gerontologist, and educator, she frequently speaks on the intersection of the arts, dementia, and intergenerational service learning and has published in these areas. She has presented her work in North America, Europe and Asia. She is also a fiber artist.

Elizabeth Rohrbaugh, BBA retired from her position as OMA’s Assistant Director. Beth brought her 18 years of business experience at Procter & Gamble and a passion for working with people with dementia to direct and guide the expansion and replication of the OMA program nationally and internationally. For 6.5 years, she managed OMA at several long-term care facilities in the Cincinnati area and partnered with the director to manage the daily needs of the program. She is an OMA facilitator and trainer, a fine arts painter, and a public speaker on behalf of OMA.

Joan Fopma-Loy, Ph.D., R.N. retired from her position as OMA’s Program Manager after 10 years of service. She is Professor Emerita of Nursing at Miami University. She is a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatric- mental health nursing, specializing in depression and dementia in older adults, and has published and presented on these subjects in nursing and gerontology venues. She has worked with OMA as a volunteer, leader, trainer, and researcher since 2010. Joan has also been involved in development of the OMA41 (OMA for One) program, which applies the OMA art-making process to elders living in home-based settings.

Meet our other OMA trainers on our Team page.

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