3.6 Introduction to OMA Art Show

July 7, 2023

OMA sessions always culminate in an art show. There are many reasons for having an OMA art show:

  1. To celebrate the artists’ creativity
  2. To celebrate the friendship that developed between the artists and their volunteers
  3. To educate families, staff, and the public of the creative capacity of people with dementia
  4. To mark the end of an OMA program
  5. To fund raise for future OMA sessions by auctioning the artwork

In order to have a successful OMA art show, the following elements need to be included in the show:

  1. Framed and matted paintings (created by artists)
  2. Photographs of the artist & volunteer/partners in action
  3. Slide show of these photos with music background (routine songs)
  4. Quotes from artists and partners displayed in large print
  5. Brochures/posters about OMA
  6. Volunteer’s reflection (one representative)
  7. Comments from a few artists (if possible)
  8. Two letters from volunteers to the artists and to the artists’ families
  9. Packet to return pieces not selected for the art show
  10. Certificates for the artists (and flowers, optional)
  11. Certificates and small token gifts to the volunteers (and flowers, optional)
  12. Art show invitations to send to families and the public at large of the best art piece
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